Saturday, October 18, 2014

The War on America

I am so sick of all the fear mongering the Republicans and their fans are spreading across the political landscape these days. Immigrants. Ebola. Guns. Obama -he's black, you know. What these people, with their foaming mouths, their dire predictions, their demagoguery are doing is waging war on America. Some of them openly admit that, as well. Let's have all the generals resign because they don't want to follow the directives of their legal commander in chief. Let's point guns at, and threaten to shoot legal officers of the law when they come to hold us accountable for stealing land use from them. 

Let's make laws that give people the right to shoot first and always be found innocent (unless you are black or female, of course.)  Let's equip our police with war machines and tactical gear, and encourage them to use them against US citizens, in their own neighborhoods.

Let's allow politicians to openly call for the overthrow of our government without any consequences. Let's allow Congress to openly fail to carry out their sworn duty, and then brag about it, and ask people to reward them for it in the next election.

I was reading Stonekettle Station earlier, and he rails about American freedom being misused and abused. And he's right. America has become a nation of Constitutional abusers who demand that their actions have no (bad) consequences. That freedom of speech means that they can say anything - lies, hate speech, treason, whatever - and never be held accountable for it.

That isn't the America the founders created or wanted. It isn't the America of the 1950s, or even of the 1960s. And I don't want it to become the America of the 21st Century. We won't make it to the 22nd if that's what we become.

Already the economies of the world and the various states are floundering. Major cities are dying, being sold off to Wall Street creditors while turning off the water to their citizens, and stealing the pensions of thousands of citizens who worked their entire lives to earn those pensions. Education, climate, environmental care, unemployment compensation, jobs ~ none of that is important. Only the Big Corporations matter. Governors worth millions say there's no need to raise the minimum wage, because $7.25 is enough for anyone to live on, and even better, the minimum wage serves no purpose.

We have a man (David Perdue) running for a Senate seat who is proud of his lifetime work - outsourcing American jobs - and telling us we're just too dumb to understand how great that job is, and how brilliant he is for being so good at it. We have a man (Mitch McConnell) telling us that Kynect (the state version of the ACA marketplace) can remain, but ACA has to be completely repealed, and no one seems to notice that Kynect is ACA.

Another man is telling everyone that Ebola is Obama's war on women (nurses). Another one, a doctor, telling the world that he is a scientist, and there's no scientific evidence to support global warming. (medicine is not climate science, but who cares, right?)

This will only get worse if we continue to return these cretins and vipers to Congress. We must take a stand, this election, and vote them out. Show them their utterings and actions do have consequences - real ones they won't like. Let's stop beating up the poor, the black, the gay, the women, the children, the elderly and start respecting them, encouraging them, supporting them in their struggle to be free. Really free, with all the rights - and the responsibilities - they are entitled to.  Vote this November. Vote because it matters. Vote because we need to stop this headlong rush into an America no ones wants or deserves. The first step to recovering our dignity as a nation and people is to vote for those men and women who will work for us, not for the Corporations and Wall Street. For us.