Thursday, March 15, 2012

Okay, I've just had it. Totally. Who do these idiots think gave them the right to micromanage a woman's life? Any woman. All women. Arizona is passing a law that makes *women* have to tell their employer why they're taking contraceptives, and if he doesn't like it, well, then, no insurance for her! And, since AZ is a right-to-work (heh) state, well, he can just fire the bitch.

** Why do we call states that ban unions, and allow any employer to fire any employee for any reason, why is it called "right-to-work"? Shouldn't it be called "right-to-fire", instead?***

Kansas is promoting a bill that encourages, and finds blameless, doctors to withhold information, or lie to the patient about information that informs them about a yet unborn child if it's negative. Oh, and the Congressman who stood up and told the world that women should just go ahead and carry a dead fetus to term, because, gosh, cows, pigs, and chickens do it all the time.

And Virginia, that said women who wanted an abortion had to endure a "medical rape" before being granted an abortion. (and then blinked and changed the bill.) A procedure that is legal in the US, by the way. Let's not forget that dummy who gleefully offered to provide aspirin to any women seeking contraceptive service, cause "gals just put aspirin between their knees" and voila! No conception.

Texas is defunding Planned Parenthood, cause, gosh, 3% of their funding goes to abortions, but none of them in Texas. And the 97% that goes toward women's health ~ cancer screenings, Pap smears, general health, well, that's just too bad. And another almost 200,000 women lose any access to health care, because all the clinics, Planned Parenthood and others, are closing up shop. Way to go, Texas!

And this, from a woman (only physically, apparently) who actually said, out loud, in front of God and country, that women could expect to be raped if they joined the military, but allowed that some women should get help if they were among the few who were "raped too much".  Once isn't enough? And rape is a reasonable response to a woman who puts her life on the line to protect this country?

So, where are all the comparable bills for men? Do men have to tell their employers why they are using Viagra? Should doctors be encouraged to lie to male patients about testicular cancer? I mean, if a doctor allows a man to remove his testicles, isn't that tantamount to abortion, too? I mean, killing sperm is a crime, right? If removing an egg is tantamount to abortion, then certainly, sperm must be accorded the same status. And shouldn't men be gelded, since, gosh, horses, dogs and cats do it all the time.

Funny how Santorum is righteously glad to circumscribe the rights and privileges of women (who really shouldn't work, or go to college, or remain single, or ever try to prevent pregancy, and when they are pregnant, shouldn't ask for pre-natal care), all in support of the "family", but never says a word about what men can and should do. Like take responsibility for their sperm. Or support the children they father. Or honor their marriage vows and never have an affair. Never abuse a woman or child. Support the family he creates, since his wife is forced to stay home and become a baby factory.

Frankly, I believe Santorum and his ilk are terrified of women. Afraid they aren't going to look as good to women who think for themselves. Terrified that a woman may be better than them at a job they want. Afraid they might have to actually grow up in a world where women are equals. How sad. And how sad that this sick psychological disorder doesn't get treated, but gets approval from a large section of America.

God save America ~ the Republicans sure won't.

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