Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wisconsin Victory

I was delighted to read about the Supreme Court election victory in Wisconsin. I know there'll be a recount, but a progressive victory, ousting a very conservative Justice with ties to Scott Walker is something to savor. I believe it's just the beginning of a long road to victory in many, many states and the Federal government.

In some ways, I'm glad the Fed shut down was averted, but I still wonder if it might not have been better to let the Republicans shut us down over their anti-woman, anti-middle class, anti-poor politcal manuevering. And I'm disappointed in Obama, who should have been much more active, and should never have agreed to the huge cuts the Republicans insisted on. What kind of country is this, that insists on tax cuts for the wealthy and severe funding cuts for the poor, women with babies, the unemployed? I strongly believe that not one cent should have been cut from any of the social programs until every last tax cut pushed through by Bush has been eliminated. If those damn tax cuts are so necessary to create jobs, why haven't they done so in the almost 10 years they've been in place? Instead, they simply drained the federal budget, and increased the income disparity, already enormously too large.

Meanwhile, here in California, the Republicans seem to be bent on the same sort of right wing fanaticism we're seeing all over the country. The governor wanted to place the tax issue on the ballot, and allow the public to vote on the extension of some tax increases. He needed two Republicans, just two, to agree to allow a public vote. He couldn't get one. Not one Republican was willing to allow the public to vote on this issue. Apparently the Republicans don't believe that regular citizens should have any say in how our government is funded, or run. We should leave it all in the hands of the Republicans. Outrageous. And, how utterly un-American. Perhaps the only way to remind the Republicans that they work for us is to vote them out of office for their arrogance. You can bet I'll be campaigning agains every single Republican, state and federal,  in 2012.

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